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Credit Repair

What is Credit Repair?

Your credit report is compiled by the credit bureaus using data from your creditors and other information submitted to them. This report is used for loan financing, rental applications, utilities, job interviews, and much more. Since the credit bureaus compile and report information that your creditors supply without investigating its accuracy first, their reports often contain errors. You have the legal right to a fair and accurate credit report according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a set of Federal laws designed to protect consumers like you. One of the most important consumer rights the FCRA provides is the right to dispute errors on your credit report. Credit Score Specialist can help you do so.

Helping Consumers

Helping consumers exercise their right to demand fairness and accuracy in their credit reports is our business. Credit Score Specialist provides everyday people with simple, effective, and affordable credit repair services designed to help improve their overall credit picture. We work with you to challenge inaccurate, outdated, and unverifiable information in your credit report by filing disputes on your behalf directly with the credit bureaus. With our proprietary methods and proactive interventions, we utilize a whole range of approaches tailored to your specific needs.

Correcting Inaccuracies

Over the years, we have encountered almost every credit issue there is: late payments, charge-offs, settlements, collections, foreclosures, repossessions, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, etc. All such negative information must meet the same criteria under the FRCA. We have developed a variety of systems and methods for getting questionable, inaccurate, and outdated information on our clients’ credit reports corrected or removed. To date, we have helped hundreds of clients throughout the country, providing our expertise with compassion at times of need, and enabling everyday people to move forward with their lives by helping them clean up the past.


We have an excellent track record in helping client's to improve their credit scores:

If you have a better credit score you could potentially have a better interest rate. Just an increase of 20 point in your credit score can mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in interest saved on an average priced home and hundreds of dollars of interest saved on car payments and credit cards. We have a proven track record of helping clients to raise credit scores quickly and effectively to give you better purchasing power.

Average Client's Credit Score Increase in 6 months:

75 points

Average Score Increase in 35 days:

10 points or more 93%
20 points or more 71%
50 points or more 25%
100 points or more 15%

Average Score Increase in 90 days:

10 points or more 97%
20 points or more 82%
50 points or more 55%
100 points or more 25%

Our 100% Guarantee, Cancellation and Return Policy:

You are entitled to a 100% refund on all payments and fees, if:

- My Credit First does not remove more than 25% of all the negatives worked on.
- You have had six months from the time you retained our services and have not seen 50 point improvement.
- You have not used a credit-consulting agency nor attempted to repair your credit two years previous to signing up for our services.
- You agree to send updated reports from the three credit bureaus to us within 5 days of receipt.

You should receive updated credit reports every 15-45 days and make us aware if updated reports have not been received.

You may cancel services at any time. Please notify us in writing 7 days before the next billing period.