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Are you a mortgage, real estate, tax professional, attorney, auto dealer or a professional in any industry that is dependent upon clients with good credit?


In the ever-evolving mortgage industry of today’s market, we are seeing increasing changes in the way underwriters review loan applications. What was once considered a good credit score (an averaged FICO score of 680, for example) and approved quickly is now examined carefully. Such scores can result in your Clients being denied a mortgage rate that would have enabled them to close on their homes and move forward with their lives and dreams.

Many instances of bad credit often involve issues the Buyer is not even aware of, such as late payments or medical collections. Even if they do know there were negative items in their credit history, they might falsely assume the items were already corrected, or they might think older items were automatically removed due to the “7-year rule.” And what about all those credit cards? Were they advised by their Lender to close out all of their credit card accounts under the false impression that it would improve their credit score? Let’s hope not! There are many seemingly minor issues that can add up to low credit score for your Client. Merely requesting a credit report online is not enough; all negative items need to be aggressively disputed for your Client to achieve their highest potential credit score.

How many times have you rushed over to your selected lender to get your Client for pre-approved, only to witness them instead become “locked” into a rate, without knowing what was in their credit report? Is it possible that you could have helped them obtain a lower rate? An improvment of 100, 75, or even 50 points in your Client’s credit score can result in tremendous difference in their interest rates. You can help your Clients achieve this without ever stepping outside the boundaries of your duties and responsibilities as their Mortgage Broker or Real Estate Agent, while complying at all times with the Rules and Regulations of your state’s Real Estate Commission.

Introduce your Clients to the valuable asset that is Credit Repair. Both you and your Clients can benefit from your association with us.

Whether your Client is a first-time buyer, relocating, refinancing, or applying for a home equity line of credit, their rate will be directly impacted by their ability to monitor and maintain a good credit score. Stop turning your credit-challenged clients away! It costs you money just to get a lead in your door. We can help you convert lost leads into regular clients